Karin Derkley Selling Your Home For Dummies

Karin  Derkley Selling Your Home For Dummies


Короткий перессказ книги Karin Derkley Selling Your Home For Dummies. Work out whether youre ready to sell – consider all the options and decide if selling is the way to go Find out when you should sell – understand supply and demand, and time your sale perfectly Choose a real estate agent whos right for you – find the best fit for you and your home Set the right price – understand what drives the value of property and determine a realistic asking price for your home Get your home looking its best before selling – find out whether a clean-up will do, or if its worth renovating before you sell Choose a selling method – get step-by-step instructions for selling by private treaty and auction Understand the legal stuff – do the paperwork properly to ensure a smooth sale Open the book and find: In-depth information about working with property professionals Strategies for selling first then buying, or buying first then selling Tips and tricks for sprucing up your property for inspections How to avoid over-capitalising Everything you need to know about selling a holiday or rental property Learn to: Determine the best time to sell Get your property ready for inspection Set the right price Choose between an auction or private treaty sale Sell your home for the best possible price Thinking of selling up but not sure whether its the right time, or how to go about it? From helping you decide whether selling really is the best option for you, to finding an agent and choosing a sales method, all the way to exchanging contracts, this step-by-step guide covers all the practical, financial and legal aspects of selling your home.

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